TOC Europe 2017 provided a very useful and broad ranging set of potential applications for the utility of the future!

Chee Siong Chong, Johor Port Authority

Overall great experience.

Irena Azareviciute, Adidas Group BV

Great event, I will always participate to be on top of business developments.

Jose ignacio uriarte, Terminal de contenedores de Tenerife

Good to catch up with new tends and new technologies. Most key vendors were there to demo and answer questions.

Shalom Cohen, Holt Logistics, Corp.

Interesting, up-to-date topics brought up by the conference; excellent event for networking; high-class as usual.

Julia Louppova, Port Today

TOC has long history to provide useful information for marine/port industry.

Kinya Ichimura, Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding

TOC is a great venue to stay abreast of the development and meet the right people.

Lars Jensen, SeaIntelligence Consulting

TOC 2017 was a well organized event that brought the intermodal supply chain together.

Michael Nutsch, SUT Verlags GmbH

Great industry event with very focussed audience.

Michiel Vanramesdonk, DLL

The usual good networking opportunities plus thought provoking discussions

Neil Davidson, Drewry Maritime Research

TOC Europe is a fantastic opportunity every year for networking and knowledge sharing. I am attending TOC Europe for the last 8 years and is great to see the evolution in our industry regarding technology and digital transformation. Visions, challenges and solutions are discussed openly with good level of expertise and collaboration.

Oscar Pernia, Navis LLC

A great meeting point, where to contact almost anyone in the sector and learn from the experiences of other ports.

Rafa Egea, Coordinadora

TOC is relevant to anyone involved in the Container Supply Chain and is a must attend event, I thoroughly enjoyed attending.

Richard Brough, ICHCA International

It is a space where you can interact with the different players of the maritime industry, and complement their thoughts with very interesting exhibitions and presentations.

Coremar Coltugs Towage (CCT)

Good networking and very interesting conference speeches

Hamburg Süd

The TOC conference is an excellent network opportunity with latest industry updates and a great mix of speakers from different subjects.

Rolf Neise, ISM