TECH TOC Seminars

Are you up-to-date with the latest advances in container terminal operations?

This conference is in keeping with our 40 year history; placing the spotlight on the container port with a free-to-attend technical conference running alongside the main Container Supply Chain Conference.

The annual TECH TOC seminar at TOC Europe 2018 brings together terminal operators and users with planners and designers, equipment and technology providers to discuss current industry challenges and innovative responses.

As container terminals face a perfect storm of big ships, carrier consolidation and lower growth, the focus this year will be on how to cut waste, boost efficiency and build resilient, adaptive, constantly-improving operations. Creative use of technology to save money and time, plus how to collaborate (digitally and otherwise) with customers, cargo owners and landside supply chain operators will be explored in a series of focused, free-to-attend debates, presentations and workshops.

Join us in Rotterdam to get the latest best practice and future visions on:

  • Where is the port technology business headed? How automation, digitisation and consolidation could reshape the industry - fast
  • INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP: key steps to ensure you have a winning terminal automation project
  • Terminal 4.0: harnessing digital technologies and collaboration for better performance inside and outside the gates
  • The drive to decarbonisation: standardised approaches for measuring and monitoring emissions
  • Port productivity and operational excellence in a changing world
  • Reducing equipment TCO: new procurement and maintenance models
  • Container crane specifications and standards: ensure your equipment is compliant and fit for purpose
  • “The safest port is also the most productive port”: reducing accidents, incidents and loss to boost performance, safeguard assets and save money
  • Optimising ship-shore operations for bigger ships and cargo peaks
  • Clean technology: cutting energy bills, securing power supply, reducing environmental impact
  • People in ports: attracting, training and retaining the right talent

Who Should attend?

  • Port & Terminal Operators
  • Equipment/Technology Providers
  • Engineers
  • IT Professionals