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The Online Exhibitor Services Manual provides a comprehensive guide to the technical services available to Exhibitors at TOC Events. It consists of 6 sections 

Section 1 will contain deadlines and the team contact list. 
Section 2 will contain important general information about exhibiting and the exhibition timetable. 
Section 3 will comprise of hotel, parking and transportation information. 
Section 4 will contain important information about stand types, shell scheme details and stand construction. 
Section 5 will contain important information about health and safety.
Section 6 will comprise of the shipping, customs and onsite handling information.

The Show Timetable for exhibitors is located in Section 2 of the Online Exhibitor Services Manual. 

An Official List of Service Contractors is available in Section 1 of the Online Exhibitor Services Manual.

All our Official Contractors are listed in the Section 1 of the Online Exhibitor Manual. If you have been contacted by a suspicious party, please, contact Rebecca Davis at Rebecca.Davis@toc-events.com

There is no set dress code for the exhibition times but our recommendation would be business attire. 

However, during build-up and break down process the correct personal protective equipment (ppe) is a compulsory requirement for everyone on site, e.g. safety boots and a hard hat. PPE must be worn during all times of build-up and break down.


This can be done by yourself in the exhibitor profile. Please search for “Welcome to TOC Europe 2018: Your Logins” e-mail in your inbox for a personalised link for your online exhibitor profile.

This can be done through us directly, please send us an e-mail request with the new company name.

Sometimes this happens because there are foreign letters/symbols present in text, that prevent biographies and descriptions to be seen. Some of the symbols include: Ä,Ö,Ü,ẞ, ™, ° and more.

Please check the text on a presence of foreign letters and symbols, remove them, save changes and refresh your profile. If the problem remains, please contact us.

Please send us an e-mail with new contact details, they should include:

First name
Last name
Job title
Telephone number
E-mail address


The badges are compulsory for everyone who wants to be on site during exhibition, this includes visitors, exhibitors, speakers and delegates. They should be registered prior the event through N200 platform.

N200 is our registering platform in which you can register yourself and your colleagues for badges, track how many visitors registered for the show using your registration link, order lead capture devices for your stand.

Please search for “Welcome to TOC Europe 2018: Your Logins” e-mail in your inbox for a personalised link to your registration page.

Once you are on it, go to “Events”.

Check if the event is TOC Europe 2018

Go to “Personnel” to register badges and click the “New”  button.

Then you will be able to register your personnel by filling in their personal details.

If you have never used this system before, you should create a new account by filling the fields on the right-hand side. If you have used it for previous shows, but you cannot remember it, you can easily reset it by pressing “Forgot password” button and choosing “e-mail” version in a new window.

It is better to liaise with your colleague and obtain logins from the colleague personally. Due to data protection law, we do not have access to exhibitors’ logins as they are created by themselves. 

In case you cannot reach your colleague, you can contact N200 Helpdesk. They will be able to reset your password and give you new logins.

This can happen if you use an old link to N200, as each event has its own link for registration, it is important to use the one that was sent to you in a welcome e-mail.Another reason for this might be you ended up in a wrong section of the platform. 
If you find yourself on Visit Connect and not Visit Partner, please follow the steps below: 

Go to “My Account” on the left hand side menu.

This will take you to new page where you will see the menu below, click on “Visit Partner”.

From there you will be able to see the right menu for badge registration.


Personalised banner is an image created by us to help you to promote your attendance at the show. Personalised banners have your company’s logo, stand number, event dates and places. Banners can be used on your website in “events” section, can be posted on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

A standard banner looks like this:

E-invitation is an e-mail that includes your personalised banner, a link to your online exhibitor profile, links to exhibitor products, exhibitor list, registration, agendas and other important information. This tool can be used as an invitation for your clients, supporters, suppliers, sponsors, and other stakeholders you would like to inform about your attendance.

A standard e-invitation looks like this:

We send personalised banners and e-invitations to your company’s first point of contact within a period of 2 months before the show. If you have not received them by 1st May, please, contact Oxana Dudchenko.

We can be flexible in designing your personalised banner and e-invitation to some extent. Please send your request to Ralitsa Encheva.

We are actively promoting exhibitor products on our social media accounts.

If you would like us to promote your products, please upload them to your online exhibitor profile and let Ralitsa Encheva know once you have done so.

You can also promote your stand on Twitter using #TOCEurope and also mentioning @TOCWorldwide so we can re-tweet you.


Our official publication partner is Event Guides Ltd. 

It has come to our attention across several UK exhibitions that exhibitors (previous and current) are being contacted by third parties claiming to be collating an exhibitor's directory. Please ignore their correspondence as this is a scam. The companies in question also claim to be offering online services and use a form which resembles an organiser's free catalog listing service, inviting exhibitors to sign and return the form for an entry in a directory. Please ignore any communication from Fairguide and Expo-Guide. 

All exhibitors will be contacted directly by Event Guides Limited, Official Exhibition Guide publisher concerning their complimentary entry.

Exhibitors who complete their profiles on the website or provide their information directly to us will be included in the event guide. The information you enter in the exhibitor profile on the website, such as company’s biography, contact details, website address will be used to fill in the profile in the official event guide.

Both exhibiting and non-exhibitng sponsors will be given a profile in the event guide.

Each exhibitor has a profile that looks like the example below.

This is a feature that needs to be purchased through Event Guides Ltd. Please, contact Lorna Curtecka for further details.

This can be arranged in case there are empty pages left in the event guide. The advertisements can be purchased through Event Guides Ltd, please, contact Lorna Curtecka for discussing details.


TOC Europe offers numerous sponsorship opportunities that are divided into 4 groups: CSC ConferenceTECH TOC Conference, BULK Conference and Global Partnerships. You can find more about the opportunities and prices by clicking the sponsorship group in which you are particularily interested, or by contacting our sponsorship team.

The benefits of each sponsorship package can vary, nevertheless the common benefits of sponsoring TOC Europe include:

- Visibility before, during & after the event.
- Website & E-mail Branding
- Exposure across all Socia Media means
- VIP Dinner Invitations
- VIP Passes & Delegate Badges
- Sponsorship Concierge Service

For more information, please, contact our sponsorship team or fell free to leave a request with us.

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