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TT Club Safety Village at TOC Europe 2022

Announcing the launch of the inaugural TT Club Safety Village at TOC Europe in partnership with ICHCA International.

Discover the #SafetyVillage

The industry leading transport and logistics insurer, TT Club, is partnering with ICHCA International to launch the first dedicated safety village at TOC Europe in June 2022.

TT Club’s mission is to make the transport and logistics industry safer and more secure for all while ICHCA is dedicated to improving the safety, productivity and efficiency of cargo handling and movement worldwide. Together they run the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award celebrating the leading innovators in safety solutions, making them the perfect pair to champion the safety message at this year’s TOC Europe.

Let us know what’s keeping you awake at night. TT Club and ICHCA welcome you to join them at TOC to voice your safety concerns.

Safe operations are sustainable operations. If sustainability is on your radar, so should safety be.

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Why Visit the Safety Village?

Gives safety a platform in the transport and logistics industry


Matches safety problems with innovative solutions


Uncovers common safety concerns in the industry


Ensures safe and sustainable port and terminal operations


What Can You Expect at Stand B28?


We are excited to launch the TT Club Safety Village at TOC Europe. Here you’ll be able to submit your greatest safety concerns, hear from experts in risk management and safety innovation, and attend workshops and Q&A sessions looking at the most common areas of risk for the transport and logistics industry.