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TMEIC: Advanced Crane Automation

TMEIC offers several scalable crane automation solutions from semi-automatic with manual assistance up to fully automatic, unmanned operations. When equipped with our latest vision systems and auto-positioning subsystems, our partners reduce operational costs by assuring consistent operation, the highest levels of efficiency, increased safety, and operator comfort.


  • Maxspeed® Crane Control System for optimum crane operation
  • Maxview Smart Landing® System is a laser-based ship profile and operator landing assist system
  • Maxview Smart Move™ System is tailored for RTG and RMG Cranes
  • Maxview Clear Path® System for collision and area protection for dockside and yard cranes
  • Maxview Chassis Guidance™ System reduces cycle times and increases productivity by guiding the truck driver to the exact target position for quick container transfer
  • MaxFuelSaver™ System for RTGs
  • Patented Sensor-less electric anti-sway control
  • Wireless monitoring


Clean energy transition from the expert in power conversion.

Air quality is vital for both occupational and environmental health. Port Authorities have an increasing need for sustainable practices and products to reduce emissions and carbon footprint. TMEIC’s approach to environmental protection is simple; we combine our experience in port technology with our world-class expertise in power conversion to provide green solutions for our customers.

MaxShorePower™ is either a "Containerized" or "Centralized" state-of-the-art frequency conversion solution for delivering 50Hz and 60 Hz able to supply a clean and stable power flow to feed one or more vessels efficiently.

  • Trouble-free connection and operation for terminal and vessel personnel
  • Minimum footprint and cooling requirement for low-cost operation
  • Available in pre-built and tested containers, e-house configuration
  • Designed to comply with international, electrical network standards
  • Maintenance program for a long lifespan of selected components, >25 years
  • Optimizable operation load. Modular configuration with several frequency converters


Explore TMEIC’s automation solutions for ports and terminals here.

TMEIC crane systems have been the driving force in crane controls and automation for more than 60 years. Engineered with an unwavering focus on reliability, safety, and efficiency, TMEIC has a well-deserved reputation as a world leader in the crane industry.

Our focus is providing solutions that promote labor savings, increase yard productivity, reduce equipment maintenance, decrease downtime, and increase safety in ports worldwide. TMEIC’s broad experience in crane control and container handling allows our team of experts to develop crane automation systems tailored to maximize these advantages for unique operations and can be applied to both new and existing cranes.