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GullsEye Terminal Operating System

Terminal Challenges

Terminals are under constant pressure to improve their operational performance. They are measured against the volume of cargo which is transferred, the efficiency of cargo transportation and the number of vessels turned around. Whilst most terminals have access to some data, there are no methods to use data effectively, help make complex operational decisions and share information with the rest of the business. The challenge of handling multi-Cargo types of data is problematic as multi-systems are required, which impacts operational costs. After the pandemic, there has been a realisation that terminals can operate almost all their tasks remotely. 


GullsEye Terminal Operating System utilise the “best of breed” Simulation, AI, and uses micro-algorithms. The software allows Operations Teams to quickly simulate a range of scenarios based on the current availability of infrastructure, vessel calls, and cargo moves. This ultimately allows teams to arrive at the best outcome to optimise the fast and safe turnaround of serviced vessels. “Do more with less on the fly and reduce cargo moves.”

The industry also complains that they don’t have the appropriate data to support better decision making.

And if they had better and simple visibility, the whole business could see and understand operations and workflow.

Operational Views

Data is always available in an easy-to-read format which provides complete clarity about what is occurring in any given operation. Screens are fully customisable and will show only crucial information that Team Members need to see. All Teams benefit from this as everybody is receiving real-time, meaningful information that future decisions can be based on.

3D Operations Data View

Quickly identify on-screen trucks, cranes, and other infrastructure. Understand different cargo, and where it is being located to – whether vessel, yard, or truck.

A visual 3D View is easier to interpret rather than a data-filled spreadsheet. More people will visualise this information quicker, and this improves collaboration because a greater number people will be able to view and access the information

All In One Solution

One platform, one business process supporting all cargo types. It is an efficient, powerful, and productive terminal operating system that meets all current and prospective needs managing multi-purpose terminals.

Cloud Infrastructure

GullsEye Terminal Operating System (TOS) is built on the strongest, most scalable, and secure Cloud Infrastructure available. It has the ability to scale the ambitions of your Terminal. The TOS will lower operational costs, increase flexibility, encourage more collaboration, and is supported on smart-phones and tablets.



GullsEye has spent the last 10 years listening to the challenges of Terminal Operators and Port Authorities. Our TOS’s development has been based on addressing the challenges laid out above. We have only been marketing TOS for the last few years but have already implemented it at 24 Terminals and we’re expanding rapidly.

GullsEye Development and Global Support Centre is based in Istanbul with 150 developers focused on TOS activities. We have global offices in Germany, China and the US.

Our primary goal is to make your terminal more profitable by supporting you to do more with less and provide you with the ability to be more successful within your operation.