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Smart Port as a Service™

An AI-enhanced digital platform connecting ship operators, ports and cargo owners

AI-powered Port Operations

Uncertainty in the arrival times of a vessel causes many problems; longer waiting times, higher costs, port congestion, etc. There have long been attempts to tackle the challenges posed by data management in maritime logistics.

Naturally, smart ports are where the industry is headed. As the global supply chain becomes increasingly digital, there is a necessity for ports to become a “digital node” within that infrastructure. Many ports are however overwhelmed where to start.

As a response to global challenge in maritime logistics, Awake.AI has launched services like Smart port as a Service™, Berth planner and various APIs such as Prediction API to improve the competitiveness in maritime logistics, boost the efficiency of port operators’ routine activities, support the development of automation, help to anticipate exceptional circumstances, and reduce environmental emissions.

Connecting Sea, Port and Land

Awake's AI-driven Smart Port and Shipping Platform is the thruster that is helping maritime operators move towards the future. We work with all maritime actors at sea, ports, and land, making port operations more efficient, safe and sustainable.

  •        Optimize port calls with AI insights
  •        Maximize the use existing port capacity 
  •        Enable just in in time arrival and faster turnaround times
  •        Bring transparency to cargo flow for better risk management

Awake.AI is your Partner in Transition to Sustainable Maritime Logistics

Transitioning to a sustainable maritime industry is at the center of our vision. Our customers will enjoy faster port calls, better decision-making, and highly improved situational awareness.

In our vision port actions are safer and more efficient at ports all over the world. Cranes, vessels, and operations are automated, but people will always be at the heart of maritime logistics.

We work with ports around the world for a common goal – with Awake.AI`s solutions we are going to cut maritime emissions globally by 10 % by 2030.

Become a smart port within few months!

Join Awake.AI’s presentation at Digital Transformation and Innovation II session to learn how any port can become a "digital node" within a month from decision and how AI and collaborative planning can save money and resources in the operating port. If you cannot attend but would like to learn more contact us for a private demo