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Artificial intelligence (AI) & optical character recognition (OCR) applications reduce operating expenses and increase throughput capacity

The scalable Visy Access Gate Operating System (GOS) manages everything that goes in or out of a terminal by road, rail, or quay using vision technology

The GOS is synonymous with efficiency and productivity. It is the cornerstone of access and area control management and verifying that the right assets are in the right place at the right time. The GOS creates workflows that enable process automation that improve KPIs in every part of terminal operations:

  •        Quay: Increase lifts per hour and crane productivity
  •        Gate: Reduce truck turnaround times, increase gate moves per hour
  •        Rail: Improve train servicing times
  •        Yard: Increase CHE productivity
  •        Overall: A better performing terminal with lower operating costs

Assets will move unencumbered by complex verification processes. For example, when trucks and cargo arrive at the gate, Visy Access Gate GOS identifies the assets and shares the arrival info with third-party systems such as the terminal operating system (TOS). Correct bookings may proceed with workorder fulfillment, while exception handling cases may go through a verification process in a self-service driver kiosk application.

See how DCT Gdansk (a PSA terminal) utilizes Visy Access Gate for truck and rail automation:

Automatic Container Damage Detection System (ADDS) – The next chapter of vision technology

The philosophy of Visy vision technology is, “If the cameras can see it, the system can be taught to identify it.” Visy ADDS is the first system of its kind that automatically identifies damaged containers and alerts operators to the severity of the damage and the location on the container. This digitalization of damage detection means that cargo condition can be automatically shared with third-party systems such as the TOS or directly with container owners. Visy ADDS saves time and money on every box inspection and gives terminal operators a way to improve service to their customers.

Read the article “The Digitalization of Damage Inspection”

One set of images, lots of data, unlimited possibilities

Digitalization is the basis for process automation. A single set of images from an OCR system will identify and digitize a wide variety of attributes in each part of the operation:

  •        Container damage (all access points)
  •        Container and ISO codes (all access points)
  •        Weight and volume (all access points)
  •        Dangerous goods labels (all access points)
  •        Door orientation (all access points)
  •        Seal presence (all access points)
  •        Twin-20 detection (cranes)
  •        Twistlock detection (cranes)
  •        Terminal tractor ID (quayside)
  •        Container location on trailer (truck gates)
  •        License plates (truck gates)
  •        Trailer IDs (truck gates)

What KPIs can you improve by automating these data collection attributes?

Contact Visy to discuss how the digitalization of data will help automate terminal processes: