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Sponsor Blog: Metagro

Did you know that over 60% of crane operators worldwide do have physical problems and / or complaints in neck, shoulders, back & legs? Not only do these complaints lead to absenteeism. They can also cause operators to be less attentive, putting safety at risk. Metagro develops cabins and operator seats from the perspective of the operator and his tasks with a clear vision on ergonomics. Since ergonomics is key to ensure that the operator stays healthy and is able to do his job efficiently in a safe environment. We believe that ergonomics pays off. Want to learn more about our vision, products, services and developments? Come see at TOC Europe, 14-16 June, booth E30. Do not forget to register as a visitor.

More specific innovation & smarter production

In June 2019 Merford Cabins was acquired by Metagro, market leader in cabin manufacturing and ergonomic operator solutions. Both companies continued under the name Metagro. Merford Cabins mainly served container ports, while Metagro is an important player in building cabins for vehicles and for onshore and offshore cranes. Both business activities complement each 

other. By combining all expertise, Metagro can innovate even more specifically and produce smarter, so that they can serve their customers even better. In 2021 the new building was completed and both companies physically joined forces in the new production location. New welding robots, a spraying robot, a 3D press and a fully automated coating line support their professionals in delivering products at a consistently high quality.

Product launches at TOC 2022
Metagro’s focus on ergonomics has led to the launch of a complete new design of their product line. At TOC, Metago will demonstrate four of their innovative products.

Next Generation RTG cabins
Metagro’s Next Generation Rubber Tyred Gantry crane provides safer working conditions. With improved sight lines, by redesigning the angle of the floor window, the operators field of view has been increased. The Next Generation RTG-cabin  is stronger as well, with a reinforced cabin construction and optimized force distribution. The sustainable RTG cabin is covered with lightweight ABS material. This means less corrosion and therefore less maintenance.

Newly Designed STS cabins
By using lighter material and different paint quality via a smart construction process, Metagro’s Newly Designed Ship-to-Shore Cranes feature less corrosion. The new cable construction guarantees better preservation of the cables and easy access during maintenance. Metagro can fully customise the design of this quality cabin to meet specific customer needs.

The Ergoseat NG
The latest Ergoseat NG-H  ensures a healthy working posture and fewer back and neck complaints. This means that operators are less likely to be absent and can continue to work healthily for longer. This Ergoseat is suspended from the ceiling, which offers the operator more visibility. The seat chair can be tilted downwards to have a unobstructed view downwards. It is adjustable to personal preference and suitable for every type of body. In order to reduce cabin downtime, the built-in full color touchscreen enables quick remote support.

Remote Solutions
In cooperation with their sister company Ops Factor , Metagro offers remote control operator solutions. At TOC Ops Factor launches her ergonomically designed workstation, in combination with integrated videowall solutions.

Do you have a question about Metagro’s products, services or agents? Metagro is happy to help you with finding the right solution.

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