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We must innovate for a safer supply chain

Recent widespread disruption to global supply chains and the consequent pressures on freight transport capacity and cargo handling facilities requires a corresponding focus on safety measures throughout the system. As the success of the TT Club Innovation in Safety Award programme, operated by ICHCA International, has proved, there have been numerous ground-breaking innovations with multiple applications aimed at reducing these safety risks. However, the two organisations are keen to raise the awareness of the need for continuous development of the ways that we manage safety.

Featuring a meeting area and presentation facilities, the TT Club Safety Village will be the venue for workshops and panel sessions 

throughout the three days of the TOC Europe event. It will also provide opportunities for companies to showcase their innovative safety devices, processes and products. All aimed at championing safety in the supply chain and developing new solutions to managing risks..

Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Risk Management Director at leading international freight transport insurer, TT Club comments. “It has been TT’s consistent mission to increase the levels of safety across the myriad of operational functions that constitute the global supply chain. We are keen to encourage every type of innovation from securing loads on all modes of transport to the correct handling of dangerous materials, and from safer working practices and equipment in cargo handling facilities to avoidance of vehicle collisions and fire prevention. Providing a focal point for discussion and promotion of such innovations at a leading industry forum such as TOC Europe will be a further benefit to the cause of safety that TT can provide.”

ICHCA International, the representative body for cargo handling operators across the globe, has run TT Club’s Innovation in Safety Award since its inception and is passionate about sharing innovation and learning across the industry. CEO Richard Steele points out, “In the recent past, our efforts together with TT Club have helped promulgate safety innovations including Hapag Lloyd’s Cargo Patrol that detects suspected misdeclared dangerous goods; terminal automation advances from Kunz and Yardeye in cooperation with CSX Terminals; VIKING Life-Saving’s fire suppressant systems, as well as safety devices developed by PSA International and Cargotec. Yet these represent just the tip of the iceberg. We were thrilled to see so many innovative ideas put forward for this Award. A digest of these will be available at the Safety Village and we hope it will help to inspire many other projects in the future.”

Representatives of both TT Club and ICHCA will be present in the Village at TOC Europe and invitations to attend the workshops and presentations will be issued in the near future.

For information on how to participate in voicing safety concerns at the Safety Village please email:   [email protected]