Container Supply Chain (CSC) Conference

Uniting the container supply chain on stage

The Container Supply Chain Conference brings together Shippers, Shipping Lines, 3PL's, Ports and Terminals to promote collaboration through out the supply chain.

A high-level conference attended by representatives of the whole container supply chain that will enrich your knowledge & understanding of the key challenges facing the world's container port, shipping & logistics communities.

Join Shippers, Shipping lines, 3PL's Ports & Terminals at the Conference & Networking event at the heart of the Container Supply Chain

Who attends?

The CSC Conference is a forum for commercial, strategic and senior managers within the supply chain from:

  • Shippers/BCO's
  • Shipping Lines
  • 3PLs
  • Ports
  • Terminals
  • Consultants
  • Finance & Legal
  • Economists

Container Supply Chain

The challenge for all container supply chain stakeholders today is to anticipate how the global trading landscape will evolve over the next few years and ensure their individual business models, processes and partnerships are suitably adapted to survive rather than perish.

With insights and expert opinion from senior analysts, academics, cargo owners and transport chain practitioners, TOC Europe 2018 will bring all the container supply chain stakeholders together to map out macro scenarios and strategies for the next phase of world container trade. Key sessions will help you to:

  • Explore the future shape of global container trade and what it means for your business
  • Examine how to mitigate risks and maximise opportunities in transformational times
  • Evaluate the changing face of container shipping and how other supply chain members should prepare and respond
  • Hear how big box shippers are adapting their supply chain operations to new realities
  • Assess how port and terminal operators can safeguard their businesses and investments
  • Look to the future for digitally-empowered multimodal operations
  • Hear how OBOR and the eastward shift of trade will impact Europe-Asia container trade flows, transport investment and operations
  • Understand the latest trends in e-commerce, digitisation and automation and how you can benefit rather than suffer from change
  • Stay abreast of new business models, relations and partnerships that will reshape container supply chains