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Please tell us a little about your company and what you will be showcasing at TOC Europe 2023

Avlino is a US-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that specializes in providing solutions to enhance the operational efficiency of Container Terminal Operations. The company’s objective is to transform the supply chain by providing terminal operators with solutions to overcome common pain points and challenges that undercut their business goals. For the past few years, Avlino has been developing AICON, a Suite of Solutions designed to dynamically resolve the challenges arising from the demand fluctuations in container terminals. By using AI/ML and Operations Research, AICON’s cutting-edge approach significantly reduces manual processes, improves accuracy, and optimizes resource allocation. With AICON, container terminals gain the capacity to direct their operational strategies towards different objectives, optimally responding to the challenges arising from changing conditions, leading to greater outcomes, be they cost reduction, higher throughput, or improved customer service.

At TOC, we intend to showcase how our AI solutions are impacting Container Terminal operations. We propose to do this supported by two terminal operators that will present their experience in deploying our solutions, to achieve their objectives. One of our customers, US operator Virginia International Terminals, will speak about how they are using AICON’s module YardSight to plan their housekeeping in a way that helps to keep up with service peaks and increase productivity. The other customer supporting us will be Ports America. They will speak about their experience deploying Dispatch Sight to take charge of their equipment and optimize its utilization to reduce operational costs and traffic congestion.

Who are you hoping to meet?

We are hoping to meet potential customers but also partners at TOC Europe. And of course, it is important to check out for competition!

Why is the European market so important to you?

The European market is crucial to Avlino as it represents a sizable portion of the global maritime logistics industry. Participating in TOC Europe will enable Avlino to strengthen its position in Europe and increase market traction. What are your plans, goals, and ambitions for the rest of 2023 and beyond? Avlino intends to focus on completing product integration for current customers, accelerating the go-to-market strategy to increase market traction, and advancing on the internal AICON development roadmap. We want to extend the AICON Solution Suite to include berth management, gate, and vessel operations and increase the scope of analytics and reports.

Why do you consider it important to be at TOC Europe?

For us, it is essential to be present at TOC Europe because, being one of the industry’s flagship events, it presents the ideal opportunity to showcase what we are doing and what we are all about to a broad audience. It is the place where we can really make our stand.

What message do you have for the TOC community who will be in Rotterdam?

Our message is that there is a place for AI in container terminals, and it can play a crucial role in transforming the container supply chain into a more efficient, safe, and productive environment where demand unpredictability is not an issue. We also want to achieve recognized leadership status in innovative technology for maritime logistics! After our initial participation at TOC Asia 2022 in Singapore as the Reception Night Sponsor, it is but natural for us to join the biggest event of TOC which is the Europe leg. Here at the Rotterdam event, we hope to connect with a wider international audience and spread the word about our upcoming full-service container capability benefitting businesses in and around Long An Province. More importantly, this event provides a rich resource for gathering the industry’s best practices that we can bring home to Vietnam and implement in our container, liquid, bulk, and general cargo operations.